Connect and network with farmers and agricultural experts from across the Chicagoland region with help from our dedicated PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS.

Discover and attend farmer-focused EVENTS offered by member organizations throughout the Chicago foodshed.






We are comprised of organizations that directly serve farmers and which offer programming or services that nurture, train and/or promote the viability of farms by:
  • Providing assistance to farmers in the Chicago foodshed, defined as farmers within 400 miles of Chicago;
  • Defragmenting the resources that are available to farmers through close collaboration and coordination; and
  • Highlighting farming practices that are healthy, humane, fair, sustainable, and products that are locally sourced and sold.



Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

We believe that responsible food and farming systems can help solve some of the most pressing environmental and social problems of our time.

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Northern Illinois Young Farmers Coalition

The Northern Illinois Young Farmers chapter aims to support major themes in NYFC policies: #farmingisapublicservice, debt relief, access to land and educational resources for organic farmers.

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Food Works

Food Works is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a sustainable food economy in Southern Illinois. Through farmer training and consumer education, FoodWorks promotes long-term farming networks that create healthy soils, healthy food, and healthy communities in the 23 counties that make up Southern Illinois.

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Center For Agrarian Learning

Supporting the future food economy.

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Angelic Organics Learning Center

Building sustainable local food and farm systems through experiential education and training programs in partnership with rural and urban people

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The Land Connection

The Land Connection trains farmers in resilient, restorative farming techniques; informs the public about the sources of our food and why that matters; and works to protect and enhance farmland so that we, and generations to come, will have clean air and water, fertile soil, and healthy, delicious food.

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This Old Farm Alliance

This Old Farm’s mission is to support the family farm by processing, marketing, and distributing locally raised, wholesome meat, produce, and value-added food. The true cost of production takes into account the environment, sustainable farm wages, and value to the customer.

With nearly 200 members in our Alliance, we’re making ethically-grown food a reality.

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Advocates for Urban Agriculture

Advocates for Urban Agriculture (AUA) is a coalition of urban farms, community and school gardens, individuals and businesses working to support and expand sustainable agriculture in the Chicago region. Formed in 2002, AUA’s community includes more than 2,300 members throughout the Chicago area and beyond.

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Illinois Stewardship Alliance

Illinois Stewardship Alliance cultivates a local food and farm system that is environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and socially just.

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Upper Midwest CRAFT

UM CRAFT creates learning opportunities for farmers through the diverse talents of our local community of organic, biodynamic, and sustainable farms.

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Pembroke Farming Family

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