This Old Farm Alliance

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This Old Farm Alliance

This Old Farm’s mission is to support the family farm by processing, marketing, and distributing locally raised, wholesome meat, produce, and value-added food. The true cost of production takes into account the environment, sustainable farm wages, and value to the customer.

With nearly 200 members in our Alliance, we’re making ethically-grown food a reality.

The Alliance has approximately 200 members, all of which are small to medium sustainable family farmers. The vast majority are located within an hour’s drive of our facility in Central Indiana. Most members are livestock growers (beef, pork, poultry, lamb, goat). We have a few produce growers, and are trying to attract more as the demand for local fruits and vegetables is rapidly increasing in the Midwest. We buy directly from our alliance members at a fair price, and market the products to both wholesale and retail customers.

Our Alliance model is flexible. There is no membership fee and no contract. We understand that farming is a business full of hazards and unknowns. While some of our farms have been around long enough to have somewhat predictable production, most, especially our produce and poultry farmers, have fluctuations from season to season. As our business matures, we are putting more resources toward helping our farmers plan ahead and mitigate risk so that more crops make it to market stage.


Eastern Illinois, Northern Kentucky, Northwest Indiana


This Old Farm, Inc. 9572 W. Co Rd 650 S. Colfax, IN 46035


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