The Land Connection

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The Land Connection

The Land Connection trains farmers in resilient, restorative farming techniques; informs the public about the sources of our food and why that matters; and works to protect and enhance farmland so that we, and generations to come, will have clean air and water, fertile soil, and healthy, delicious food.

The Land Connection brings together farmers from across central Illinois and beyond who are working to create a more resilient food system. This alliance supports everyone from community members who are thinking about becoming farmers to those who grew up in farming families and have been doing it all their lives. It also supports farmers who are growing everything from fruits and vegetables on an acre to those growing identity-preserved grains on thousands.

The most remarkable aspect of our farmer alliance is how many people it truly reaches in a region that is considered the heart of industrial agriculture. We are always discovering new farmers or farmers-to-be who wish to connect with our extensive network, and new partners in the industrial farming landscape who actually support our work and wish to know more about what we do.


Central Illinois, Northwest Indiana


206 North Randolph Street, Suite 400 Champaign, IL 61820


Mallory Krieger
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