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In light of the COVID-19 climate, livestock opportunities have grown.  We are meeting one on one with producers to plan their growth strategies as they...

Whether you are a farmer looking for land or a farmland owner looking for a farmer, we’re here to help because the future of our food and planet is in your hands. Through this free site, you can post your own profile and then efficiently search the profiles of others. You’ll also find event listings, links to many practical resources, and a list of service providers around the region.  Our staff are available to offer ideas and support to farmers and landowners.

Farmers who want to sell meat directly to restaurants, grocery stores, or consumers need a reliable and skilled partner: the meat processor is an essential...

FairShare has created toolkits for several of its popular organization initiatives. The purpose of the toolkits is to provide CSA networks, farmer groups, and workplace...

Each fall FairShare accepts applications from any CSA farmer interested in being formally endorsed for the following growing season. Farmers must submit a full application...

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