Iowa Regional Food Systems Working Group

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Iowa Regional Food Systems Working Group

The Regional Food Systems Working Group is comprised of geographically-based practitioners and community leaders with a goal to increase the investment in and support for local and regional food businesses in Iowa.

The Regional Food Systems Working Group supports education, conducts research and facilitates partnerships to increase investment and support of community-based, economically sustainable and environmentally and socially responsible regional food enterprises. Representatives from more than 25 groups meet quarterly in central Iowa to discuss and coordinate efforts to build more vibrant regional food systems.

The goals of the RFSWG:

  • Identify the key elements found in specific geographic areas that create a vibrant and sustainable regional food system.
  • Work with leaders and food businesses in specific geographic areas and/or communities to identify and support the key elements that are not yet well developed.
  • Help identify and measure key indicators that determine whether there is positive change in the regional food system as a result of projects or programs.
  • Develop and implement a process for continuous learning across Iowa about what it takes to make a regional food system more vibrant and sustainable.



Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture Ames, Iowa 50011


Lynn Heuss
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